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Kore QS has been designed to help you manage your projects, maximizing organization with minimum fuss. With all essential information in one centralized location, you will be able to oversee, and project manage multiple jobs at once. Kore Quantity Surveying (Kore QS)


Your workflow becomes easier to manage, your staff are always up to date, and those crucial deadlines are met every time.


We know how complicated it can be to run a job of any scale with the amount of work that has to be priced accordingly, sign off’s and variations that arise throughout any job.


Kore QS has had many years of experience with businesses and companies that have lost a lot of money through not being able to justify the price involved in variations and charge ups.


We offer a fully-fledged on the go mobile system that can and will save your company time and money and will help recover the costs in other areas that would otherwise be missed.


We have simplified the way to price jobs through our Quantity Surveying (QS) library where all your measurements and pricings are in one simple to use system.


All these parameters you set will be saved into the QS library, so you can always pull them up straight away - making pricing jobs easy and efficient



We know how important it is to keep all your information in one place. Losing paperwork could cost you thousands of dollars.

That is why our Kore
QS Administration Panel provides management with a desktop version which is quick and easy to use for anyone.

It allows your management team to be able to access all important information such as sign off’s, variations, parameters and forms for
QS library and all scopes and plans in one centralized secure place.


All information being received into administration panel is in real-time making your job quicker and easier to respond to critical information.

Our administration panel is designed to ensure that the management team can properly keep track of all important information coming through, and you do not have to worry about losing any paperwork (or any money).


Our administration panel is quick and easy to use with simple notifications letting you know when files have been sent through. You can archive all files received, print them off as a PDF and access them whenever necessary.


Nothing is more important than keeping all information in one place as there are potentially thousands of dollars at stake when dealing with this kind of information.


Here the administration is able to view all incoming information and forms that are being filled out by staff. The management team can manage subscription plans, staff, and contacts and also input forms into the system so staff can view them and read them as necessary.


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Our sign off and variation feature is of the simplest and quickest process anywhere.


If a contractor comes across an issue that would need to be priced up, or a section of work that needs to be signed off, and completed, Kore QS supply the contractors with forms that provide vital information with a description and photo of the work/job and a digital signature to ensure nothing can go wrong.


All forms are allocated to a job, so nothing is out of place and everything is easy to track and follow through the entirety of the job.


Our Sign off Variations forms are simple and easy to use.

All you need to do is fill in the boxes required, and these provide the vital information back to the management panel.


Ensuring all information is safe and secure and saved all in one place.


We allow the use of digital signatures to ensure there will be no problems



Kore Quantity Surveyor QS management panel can be used anywhere, anytime, whether it be from your office, while you are on the road or even from home.


This gives control over your staff and the ability to view all incoming information from wherever you are. Kore Quantity Surveyor QS management panel is easy to navigate and to be able to sort out your staff and keep saved files or filled out forms. Giving you working records that is all in one place, so you can never lose any forms.


At Kore Quantity Surveyor QS Management, we make sure to have a good control over your staff.


Also, we have an amazing database that connects with you and gets all the information needed.


The administration is very powerful and informs that the staff on the importance of filling the necessary formation.

Job Card 

Our Job Card is one of the best, most intuitive and crispest user interfaces you can get across any other solution on the market


Our Job Card comes with clear and concise prompts for use. They only contain information that you need to take into account and no more.


With our Job card, you don’t have to worry about missing out on sensitive information anymore. You can now have all the job details (order number, customer name, job description, etc.) in one place.


How it Works

Keeping track of multiple orders and jobs can be a headache – when you don’t have the right tools to handle that. For that reason, we have integrated a Job Card into the Kore QS platform to handle all the little details of your project for you.

The Job Card holds the description of the job done, information on the site foreman, the date on which the job is being done and a general description of each job.

That is in addition to having the name of the client and other specific details (hours worked, materials used, etc.)

With a single click, you can bring back all that information and ease your admin time.

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