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What We Do

We've helped numerous companies become more organized and get the most out of their working week. We'd love to do the same for you.

It's no secret that good organization is the key to good business. Knowing what you are doing and what's coming up, who you need to call and how to access essential information quickly - it's all vital if you want your business to succeed.

Health And Safety

  1. Your staff on the ground will receive a link, and this is what they will be using. Here you can fill out toolbox talk form, meeting minute’s forms.
  2. From Daily pre-start forms and accident and injury reports.Ensuring your staff are aware of all risks on site, hazardous products and also be able to view task analysis and swims forms.
  3. All information that your staff fills out in forms is sent in real time to the admin management panel. Injury and accident report forms are crucial to a manager as they need to know what has happened and how it can be controlled so another incident of the same nature can be prevented.
  4. Filling out one of these forms is as easy as filling in any other form on our system; you just click on the file and go through it on your mobile.
  5. After it has been filled out and saved it will automatically send allowing the admin team to view it on their management pane These injury report forms, like all the other forms on our system are saved into the database.
  6. This way these forms can never be lost and there will always be a working record. This allows companies to send copies of these forms to anyone, most importantly ACC.

Time Sheets

  1. Timesheets are one of our many top features within Kore Projects.
  2. Timesheets are an easy alternative than the paper trail.
  3. With timesheets, you can fill them out daily or at the end of the week but we suggest you do it daily as the timesheets come off the price of the job and can be tracked each day.
  4. Timesheets are simple to follow and fill out and also give you a section to fill in your description so your manager/owner can see what you have done for the day,
  5. Timesheets are sent in real time back to the office. Even though your timesheets are saved through kore online you can also print them out and keep them as a paper trail.
  6. Jobs allow you to be registered to a job by the people up in the office/managers.
  7. When you are registered onto the job you can see all job details and information and notes that have been entered about that job.
  8. When you have seen the information on the job and the notes soon after being registered your staff on the ground can update the status about that job relating to the notes.

Andriod App

  1. Our Kore Android App is very easy to use and navigate between scoping jobs, your projects, contacts, and your user settings.
  2. Our Android app is designed so you can go out to a job and be able to scope a job then and there on your phone and it saves into your scopes page online back in your office.
  3. Only staff in office are able to use the Android app.
  4. Our Project scope feature is easy for any office user and any manager/owner.
  5. Our settings page allows you to set up all your contacts, your worksheets and your service rates and the initial prerequisites for your projects.
  6. Just like our scopes page, our projects page is easy to use and work. This allows you to edit/add/delete projects from your system through kore.
  7. Or if you are out on the job and forgot to add something in regarding worksheets or pricing, you can change it on the go as you please without having to travel back to the office to change it all
  8. When these are added or edited they will instantly change on your phone and your system keeping everyone up to date.

No More Paperwork

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