How it Works


How It Works

1) Quote Generation Module

Our QS system has been developed to help professionals manage and receive live pricing data for their jobs on the go. With that, we have been able to eliminate what would have been along waiting time for potential customers should they have requested a quote from the business instead.

More than receiving actionable, live figures, we have also made sure the system is easy to use with little to no technical know-how.

With a variety of everyday units and style to match, you will be able to find your way around the system in virtually no time at all.

To use our pricing module, pull up the Library from the Kore QS Management Panel.

This brings up all the units and measurement fields that you can manipulate to get the intended results.

The best part is that whatever parameters you enter into our system will be saved for later use.


Thatis so designed to make your access to this information and pricing jobs much easier.

2) Calculate


When estimating the quantity of material needed for a project, there is a need to consider various factors such as the dimensions (length, breath, and height), the units of measurement, number of needed materials and the type of job they are to be used for, to mention but a few.

Our Calculate system has taken all of these into consideration.


Simply head over to the section and edit all the parameters you’d like, all the way to the pricing level.


Each sheet on the Calculate section can be personalized to display the name of the client and their company. Support for

dates, when the quotes were created, is also available to help better information referencing.


A ‘note’ feature is included to help you record salient points that pop up in your mind while doing every other thing. That way, you never have to miss a step.


3) Scopes, Plans and Schedules

You can keep track of all the scopes and plans of jobs you are on by clicking on the Scopes/ Plans button in the mobile app dashboard.

To have something to display, you should have earlier uploaded the various scopes and plans of the job you are on into the Kore QS Management Panel.


You will be given the opportunity to update different jobs with different scopes and plans. Just click on the appropriate scope/ Plans section and get your files into the related tabs. PDF uploads are supported at the moment.


The Schedules tab is also in there to help you develop a working plan towards the project and keep to it.


That way, you can easily keep track of what has been done, what is to be done and what is left undone.

4) Platform

Currently, you can access the Kore QS System on Android and iOS devices. As soon as we add other platforms, we will let you know and update this page accordingly.

1 laptop img.png


If you need any help with the use of your Kore QS System, you can reach support by visiting our dedicated contact page. Make sure you keep your information as detailed as possible to help us help you better.

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